Lisa/S The Worlds Smallest UAV Autopilot

2013-08-22_16.19.04TU Delft researchers in collaboration with 1BitSquared have designed and build the world’s smallest autopilot for micro aircraft.

Researcher Bart Remes and his team of the Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory at the TU Delft faculty of Aerospace Engineering in a collaboration with Piotr Esden-Tempski from 1BitSquared have designed, built and tested the world’s smallest open source autopilot for small unmanned aircraft. A smaller – and lighter – autopilot allows these small flying robots to fly longer, fit into narrower spaces or carry more payloads, such as cameras. That makes them more suitable to be used in rescue operations for example. Remes: “Our aim? Make MAVs so small and light that every fireman can fit one in his pocket.”

More information:

Hardware electronics will be sold by  (from January 2014 onward) 1BitSquared

Lisa/S autopilot board

SuperbitRF telemetry module