Welcome to the all new Paparazzi UAV Blog

Hello everyone,

As the Paparazzi community is very active and getting bigger every day, we have decided that it is time to make a blog that reflects the thriving development and keeps everyone up to date. We hope to inform everyone about new features, challenges and plans.

Paparazzi is the only really Open-Source (hardware and software) UAV project in the world with proven capability and stability.

To support that statement we offer the following statistics:

The current codebase contains 144,959 lines of code made up of:

  • 110,279 lines of ansi C
  • 24,904 lines of Ocaml
  • 3,724 lines of shellscript
  • 2,202 lines of python
  • 1,710 lines of C++
  • 1,422 lines of perl
  • 602 lines of assembler
  • 116 lines of lex

On the hardware side there are 47 Eagle CAD schematic files and 46 Eagle CAD board files covering several autopilot designs and their related sensor and power systems.

Paparazzi supports the use of  thermopiles or IMUs for attitude estimation in fixed wing aircraft and IMUs only for rotorcraft (helicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters). Presently there are 11 airframes officially supported for use as exemplars with a further 153 user contributed airframes.

Paparazzi is unusually flexible in its ground control architecture in that it consists of a series of agents that communicate via a software bus. This has already allowed a UAV to be controlled using the internet as part of the telemetry link.

But enough of the self praise. Welcome everyone to our shiny new blog and I hope you will enjoy the amazing trip with us.  🙂

Cheers your Paparazzi Crew


Adaptive Control

WingdropThere is a video available that shows how Paparazzi’s adaptive control loops keep a Twinstar in the air that drops 30% of its right wing with 50% of the aileron and then also switches the right engine off. Another video shows a Paparazzi quadcopter using adaptive control to stay level after dropping 50% of its total weight.


We Moved To GIT

GithubThe paparazzi software repository now has a new happy life on github:


We believe the switch from Subversion to the fast git version control system will make development easier, faster and more fun. It also makes it easier for YOU to contribute. You can easily fork paparazzi on github, commit your bugfixes and new features and send us a pull request.

More info on how to get the paparazzi code from github can be found here.

We also want to encourage you to submit bugs or feature requests on the simple github issue tracker.