Paparazzi V4.0 Release

Penguin_logoThe Paparazzi Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the Paparazzi v4.0 stable version.

After several months of testing and debugging, the release preparation branch v3.9 has been released as v4.0. See the changelog for an overview of new features and bugfixes.

If you are already using paparazzi with Git, you can switch to this new branch with

git remote update && git checkout v4.0.

For new user, it will be the default branch when getting the source code from Github. You can also download a tarball or Zip file of the v4.0_stable source code.



AtmosATMOS, a hybrid airplane-quadrotor developed at the MavLab of TU-Delft, was awarded third place (out of 140) in the UAVForge Competition. There were more than 140 initialĀ contestants and after several selection rounds with only 12 finalists, the paparazzi Lisa/M powered ATMOS was one of the few that could actually make it to the remote target site miles away in an RF unfriendly environment. No team fully completed the baseline objectives which is why no prices were issued. The vertical takeoff and landing, together with long range thanks to the wing and flexibility thanks to open-source paparazzi were key factors in this event [1].

But probably more important, the development of ATMOS has added a new code-base to paparazzi to enable the control of any hybrid multi-lifting device vehicle. ATMOS can take-off vertically as a quadrotor, transition to full forward flight as an airplane but also fly in any intermediate transition stage fully autonomously. So let your imagination go wild!


1st Place at IMAV 2012 for ENAC Paparazzi Team

Blender_at_IMAV2012Blender, the small but deserving quadrotor of theĀ ENAC Paparazzi Team took the 1st place in the “Outdoor autonomy challenge” and 3rd place in the “Outdoor
flight dynamics
challenge” during the IMAV2012 competition in Braunschweig, Germany. Completing its missions with overflowing enthusiasm thanks to the new NavGo autopilot. NavGo is the
latest in the long line of award winning Paparazzi hardware available. See the list of Paparazzi hardware here.