Paparazzi V5.0 Release

Penguin_logoFor the opening of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, the Paparazzi Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the Paparazzi v5.0 stable version, including the support of the Parrot AR.Drone2. See this page for more instructions.

See the changelog for an overview of new features and bugfixes.

See the Release Upgrades page for hints on configuration changes that may be required if you are moving to v5.0.0 from v4.2.0.

If you are already using paparazzi with Git, you can switch to this new branch with

git remote update && git checkout v5.0.

For new user, you can download a tarball or get the source code with

git clone && git checkout -b v5.0 origin/v5.0.